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Was a pretty fun game! Had to double back and watch the Black Mirror episode after playing it and it was pretty well done!

I really liked the premise, ambience and the build up till the  part where you need to punish the dude. But the story gets confusing after that and becomes a different kind of horror (with the noises and the visual effects). 

But the overall story and feel of the game was great and totally worth playing and experiencing!


Very short but with some very original ideas.

Very satisfied

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

This game was fun to play but I found myself getting confused at the story and getting lost trying to find my way around.  That's probably due to my own stupidity haha.  New Message is based on the third episode of Season 3 of Black Mirror.  Basically, you get a man's phone and are told to do very despicable things.  Things get stranger and more brutal as you progress.  My only complaint would have to be some of the weird supernatural stuff in a game based on an otherwise very-grounded-in-reality episode.  The supernaturally weird stuff was interesting though.  If you want a game that reminds you of Black Mirror, I would give this game a try!

Also, I did a playthrough of the game on my YouTube channel! If you want, you can watch it by clicking the video below! The game starts at 7:29 if you want to skip to it.  

If you liked what you saw and want to see more, you can check out my YouTube channel by clicking the link below!

This game was really fun to play! I used it in my "3 scary games" video and just wanted to say kudos for making a fun game =) let me know how i did!

Love it! Great atmosphere and cool that it haves multiple endings.

(Gameplay en español)


Not 100% sure on the pixelated design, it may have hindered my progress. Good overall direction though.

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Hi there! I'm Esh, and I try to play a bunch of stuff from here and GameoJolt on my channel. 

I stumbled upon your game for the above video (yours is the first one played), and while I enjoyed the overall atmosphere, I do have some gripes.

The most glaring issue I can find is how cryptic the game is. Not so much in its directions as in its content. If this is as a result of being based on the Black Mirror episode, then fair, I am not familiar with the show. But that's precisely why it needs some extra context. Unless your piece is truly mindbendy and unique, having strange events be strange for the sake of being strange usually ends up more frustrating than scary.

Second, I don't know if it was a problem with my display as it appeared brighter after recording, but there is a difference between "dark" and "pitch black". There were many times I flat out could not see where to go in order to progress, which just causes irritation. But in fairness, I am unsure wether that is your game or my display, and I do apologize if the issue is on my end.

With these things out of the way, let me say that I DID very, very much enjoy the thick atmosphere the game provides, as well as the overall pixely look. It is instantly heavy and gloomy, and definitely raises a lot of questions that keep motivation going. So good job on that for certain!

Loved the game, poor lighting, you walk a little too slow, but Loved it!

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I did get lost a bit, lol. Directions were a little wonky.

I played this game in a 3 random games video and the game seemed pretty well made! It a couple optimization problems that I ran into whilst playing it, but other than that it was great!

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LOVED IT! I love the concept of multiple endings as well! KEEP AT IT!


I got lost lol didn't follow direction to well! 

Very interesting. The sound and music were spot on, really amped up the feeling of dread. And after I play this, I find out there's a sequel in the works! Super excited! Thanks for the game!

I liked the game, althought it

was confusing because I have never watched Black Mirror, yet it does seem interesting.

really interesting concept!

Considering I've never watched Black Mirror... it was really interesting, I liked this style the game presented for sure. 

A fun little horror  game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made whila playing:

I really enjoy the pixel graphics in this game. The movement is very smooth as well. This game is very short but there are more than one endings. I found 2, not sure if there are anymore. There aren't any jump scares, but the atmosphere in this game is enough to keep you on your toes! Would love to see a full length game like this! Here's my play through of it:


This creeped the guts out of me :O

This is the last game I play in this video and I gotta say, what a cool game and it did scare me a lot in places. I do feel a little left out that I haven't watched black mirror yet :'( but that didn't stop me from enjoying the experience.

please add a mac version i seen someone play it and it looks cool

Thank you for your interest! We're developing a sequel that will be released for Mac/Linux, stay tuned!

This was a super creepy and unique horror experience! I got a little lost but once I found my way I was thrilled with the story!


Interesting choice with everything being super pixelated, but it worked in a way.. it leaves you unsure of what you're looking. which, for me, put me a little more on edge and ready for a jump scare.

Also, I like the fact that you can choose how to end the game... kinda. ^_^

Ok so im incompetent and couldnt figure out where to go but it freaked me out anyway cause I am a  scraed little boi

Fantastic.  The wall scare is perfectly done - no scare chord, no scream effect, just a moment of "oh shit what was that".

Good job! Looking forward to the sequel.

I love the design and style of this game, Great job!

Please make more game!

Gave it a go and really liked it.

I played this game for a 2 random horror games video (the second in the video), and I've got to say I love your work! 

The style of the game with its looks and sound design is awesome, not cheap jumpscares, just great atmosphere and tension! It also has two endings! 

The fact that this was made in 15 days is a testament to how great you are at making quality games!

A great little game, I have to say. I adore the retro esthetic you've opted for, it gives the game a very simple yet polished feel. It definitely has a lot of atmosphere, but I will say that it could do with being a bit scarier. Maybe if it had a bit longer to build up an atmosphere it would have been more effective... Still, a very solid game, thank you to the developers. If you're interested, feel free to check out my playthrough of it. 

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We're checking out another indie horror game on called "New Message" today! Black Mirror? Weirdness? Let's go!

I had a lot of fun with this game, and yes, I was fooled by a key.  10/10 great atmosphere!

went in blind and was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to seeing more! 

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