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I got lost lol didn't follow direction to well! 

Very interesting. The sound and music were spot on, really amped up the feeling of dread. And after I play this, I find out there's a sequel in the works! Super excited! Thanks for the game!

I liked the game, althought it

was confusing because I have never watched Black Mirror, yet it does seem interesting.

really interesting concept!

Considering I've never watched Black Mirror... it was really interesting, I liked this style the game presented for sure. 

Enjoyed the game(besides finding the key lol) but it was kinda confusing since I've never watched black mirror. Other than that it was exactly waht a horror game should feel and sound like. Great Job, and here's the video.

A fun little horror  game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made whila playing:

I really enjoy the pixel graphics in this game. The movement is very smooth as well. This game is very short but there are more than one endings. I found 2, not sure if there are anymore. There aren't any jump scares, but the atmosphere in this game is enough to keep you on your toes! Would love to see a full length game like this! Here's my play through of it:


This creeped the guts out of me :O

This is the last game I play in this video and I gotta say, what a cool game and it did scare me a lot in places. I do feel a little left out that I haven't watched black mirror yet :'( but that didn't stop me from enjoying the experience.

please add a mac version i seen someone play it and it looks cool

Thank you for your interest! We're developing a sequel that will be released for Mac/Linux, stay tuned!

This was a super creepy and unique horror experience! I got a little lost but once I found my way I was thrilled with the story!


Interesting choice with everything being super pixelated, but it worked in a way.. it leaves you unsure of what you're looking. which, for me, put me a little more on edge and ready for a jump scare.

Also, I like the fact that you can choose how to end the game... kinda. ^_^

Ok so im incompetent and couldnt figure out where to go but it freaked me out anyway cause I am a  scraed little boi

Fantastic.  The wall scare is perfectly done - no scare chord, no scream effect, just a moment of "oh shit what was that".

Good job! Looking forward to the sequel.

I love the design and style of this game, Great job!

Please make more game!

Gave it a go and really liked it.

I played this game for a 2 random horror games video (the second in the video), and I've got to say I love your work! 

The style of the game with its looks and sound design is awesome, not cheap jumpscares, just great atmosphere and tension! It also has two endings! 

The fact that this was made in 15 days is a testament to how great you are at making quality games!

A great little game, I have to say. I adore the retro esthetic you've opted for, it gives the game a very simple yet polished feel. It definitely has a lot of atmosphere, but I will say that it could do with being a bit scarier. Maybe if it had a bit longer to build up an atmosphere it would have been more effective... Still, a very solid game, thank you to the developers. If you're interested, feel free to check out my playthrough of it. 

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We're checking out another indie horror game on called "New Message" today! Black Mirror? Weirdness? Let's go!

I had a lot of fun with this game, and yes, I was fooled by a key.  10/10 great atmosphere!

went in blind and was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to seeing more! 

Loved the game had to play it through twice to get different endings, is there more? Id love to play it again :D I'm super excited to see what you guys make next!

Awesome game

Short, but sweet! It's a great idea and I like that there weren't any frills.  It was very straightforward. The game was a bit dark in some areas and while I didn't mind holding to interact, I do wish I was able to move faster. The space was small enough that speed wasn't a deal breaker though. 

I would suggest that any scary moments, you program it so the character is looking at it. I missed a few things because I was looking somewhere else. You did a great job overall, especially with having multiple endings even though I only recorded one, you executed the idea well and made great use of the space, the game looked great, and I definitely think it's worth continuing to tell the story using the same mechanics and style. Good job and good luck!

Fantastic game, my only two issues I had for it was the way you interacted with objects (the click and hold feature) and that the game needed to be longer because I was really enjoying it. Keep up the good work! 

me: *on computer on searching for games*

me: *finds game " new message" * okay, lets gives this game a try


me: it doesn't look scary

me: * at minute 6:39 *  

1st game on the video

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

 Very dark for a pixalated game but had a good atmosphere and a good flow to it. Also made in 15 days makes this an even better achievement. Cool game... :)

Hello do you want test my game ? :D

ayy nice game I had a lot of fun! also I made a video - 

Interesting, great atmosphere! It would deserve to be made into some really cool, 10x longer game in my opinion! :)

I would really love to play this game! However I can't play this game without having some lag issues when using OBS to record my gameplay. I don't get lag when I am not recording ;~; Maybe some optimization can help? Of course I wouldn't know if it would work because my computer is trash from the beginning. (It's not even supposed to be use for gaming in the first place... I hope the developers would at least consider my suggestion. Thank you!

awesome game very good wish it  was longer and cant wait to see more games from you!!

Great game! Wish it had a little more to it, I also thought it was a bit dark but overall I loved it! Had me creeped out through out the whole game play! Check out my video below! 

Nice work for a game jam. The atmosphere was pretty moody and the monster animations were surprisingly well done. I particularly liked the glowing eye trails they had. It took me until the end of the game to finally figure out how to pull out the phone, so I definitely missed a bit, but I still got the gist. Staring at things to interact was pretty weird though. Especially not knowing what things were interactable beforehand, it meant I was staring at basically everyone for no reason. I cut most of that out, but I did collect my experience in a small video below.

I know this is off topic but can we complain about chrome os I cant play this game because of this stupid chromebook if I had a actually good computer I could play this but nope

This little game has bags of potential, would love to see it being added to! 

Very atmospheric and it has a compelling and different storyline, even if it is borrowed from Black Mirror.

If you wanna check out gameplay footage before downloading (and to see both endings), my video is below!

Very creepy! Love Black Mirror and really enjoyed this game! Great work! Can't wait to see what's next! 

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