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Strange sounds interrupt a man's gaming session during an alternate reality quarantine.

Made for the "Haunted PS1 Summer Of Screams" Jam.

A short game inspired by the 'architectural horror' theme, a few weird dreams and some other games I've played and enjoyed.

Thank you for playing!

[Post-Jam Changes]:

-Added a "quit game" prompt instead of quitting immediately after pressing ESC

-Reduced Jade Statue interaction times

-Removed misplaced door


-Stopped player from being able to climb crates and get stuck

-Added "Tab" to properly quit padlock interaction

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Lo-fi, Low-poly, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


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Structural 288 MB


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Game developers! I know it's been a long time since I played the game. But I still wonder if it will be available in full in the future? Because the game has a fascinating storyline and weird scenes! I think it would be a shame not to release the official version, you know? Even if it is in the future to pay to buy ah! Hope the author can reply!

very atmospheric short horror game. very immersive too, which is something a lot of short indie games often lack. lovecraftian vibes without forcing it. you can even see yourself in the mirror! insane!! i know!!!

i don't know what you are up to these days, dev, but would look forward to any future work you may or may not be working on!

Are there jumpscares in this game?

not really no. something scary pops up at some point, but it isn't a jumpscare.

Some parts were tricky to get past!  Awesome game though, kept me guessing what was going on.  Then you go outside and see what's really going on.


The game caught me off guard and I ended up enthralled with it. I got stuck and had to restart but other than that it was a great play. I slept with the mask on sadly lol. The atmosphere was great and made the game enjoyable. Thank you for making this! 


horror game

great game, but where is the girl in cave ? what happen to her ?

overall love it

loved it, the atmosphere was really great,

Lovecraft vibes.


I liked the game. An atmosphere of mystery, an alternate reality, a strange pandemic. Curious to know how the rest of this story is. Congratulations.


Are there any jumpscares?

You can walk over the warning signs outside the ice door and get stuck.


This is freaking Awesome


Looks like a great deal of people have checked out your game, but here is our experience: 

Certainly creepy and very interested to see how it will be expanded upon. Well done.

i liked this a lot actually 

I played this a while ago, and it's been a bit between then and the time I'm actually uploading this, but this game has stuck out as one of the more memorable indie games I've played for a number of reasons.

First off, the art style of this game makes me so happy. The low poly retro feel that this game delivers is amazingly well done. 
Second, the story is fantastic in it own way. You are just confused and in the dark as the main character is for the most part, with the exception being the character knows a bit more about the world than you do, but that doesn't impact the ability to enjoy this games confusion.
Lastly, I WANT to say the length of this game is amazing for a short story told through an indie game, but I can't be certain as I managed to break the game twice with two different glitches, and had to replay the entire game to get back to the part I broke it at. (Both are in the video, but one is when you get the key, in which I walked off the cliff and fell out of the world, and the other happened when I walked behind the caution signs in front of a door and got stuck)

The only other thing I think worth mentioning about my experience is that this game did have SOME troubles with running on a relatively well optimized computer. It could have been the strain of trying to record the game, but there were some parts that had issues, but nothing that really affected gameplay, rather just a computer performance, but again that could've been my fault.

Overall, this game was incredibly fun to play, despite a few issues I had with it. Well done.


My video on Structural.


nice game i really enjoy it 

Amazing game!! 


This game was just amazing

Here's my gameplay:


This was great. Absolutely loved it.

Finally i post a vídeo about this game, once again i want to emphasize that this game is INCREDIBLE and he needs a finished version!!Give a chance for this vídeo, it's good i promisse!!


This actually scared this life out of me


heres my gameplay!.. epic man!


Just reporting stuff:

1)The box respawns, making you have another box once you place it

2)The statue resetting its place was kind of annoying when trying to figure it out

3)The inventory moves up and down, but I think you already know that

4)The janitor sure gets spooked alot if you speak with him

I give it a 9/10

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I had an absolute great time playing the game! If only I was better at puzzle games lmaoo 


Hey... so I am incredibly stupid and forgot I had a key so the vid is kinda cringe


Really not what I expected to be honest but was pleasantly surprised. Feel really dumb for not figuring out the puzzels sooner but i look forward to seeing the full version and more of your future work!!!


I'm really curious as to how these kinds of games are made nowadays. This is by far the best out of the new wave of PS1 retro-clones out there. Really good work!


me too! ive been wanting to make one like this. im taking 3d art right now at school, i think you just export it as a lower quality? im gonna try it sometime when im not swamped with school work


Hello! The 3D assets are just standard, low-poly models made in Blender.

To get that low-res look ingame, just use unfiltered, pixelated images as textures and a low render scale. 

The distortion effect can be replicated with custom shaders (I think there are some PSX shaders available for free for the most common engines).

Good luck!

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awesome thanks! i plan to try your game out sometime soon too! cant wait!


This is actually a pretty interesting game, no jumpscares, which is a plus in my book. But it has plenty of environmental, ambiance, and story related horror, which makes it a cut above most just trying to flash an image in your face to scare you.

Really creepy. The audio was very good.


That was scary! I felt that the shaking of the background made things more unsettling.

My one gripe is that I felt "frozen" in place while action dialogues happened when such actions should be instant. For example, checking the janitor's closet to find that it's locked.


this game is so incredible, with just one month, you made a really good game, i'm a brazilian, so sorry for my english, your game need a final, please continue with this project!!

i'll post a video playing this game, so if someone want to watch this video, the link to my channel is here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuJRiXJ7mvtTsllwbU8wzKg
the name is "NDNewt"

Obrigado, amigo. Também sou brasileiro, fico feliz de ver o pessoal BR jogando e curtindo o game. Abraços!


The game made me feel warm. Gloom and uncertainty of another world. Sound accompaniment at the highest level. I was especially pleased with the monster that suddenly comes out from around the corner. 

Play in Russian

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this is a really good game, had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, really recommend for anyone


It was very suspenseful but it wasn't as scary as I'd like it to be. And I wasn't able to get a full story. I was left with many questions. 

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Hey dude this shit ruled. Consistently found myself saying "oh damn that's cool" out loud. I really hope you decide to expand on this concept because it was very solid. You nailed the SH aesthetic. Wonderful minimalistic storytelling and open-endedness that didn't come off as pretentious. And of course -- ATOMOSPHERE WOW! The subtle scares were excellently done as well. Very well-crafted experience and one of the best things I have downloaded from this website.


Hi! The game was reaaaally interesting! I can't wait for the full version, since the file name said demo. I wanna play it ASAP :>


This game was so much fun and so interesting! I love the spooks and the story! 


Thanks so much for making this game, canovi!!

It was a very cool game with a lot of fun mechanics, the only issue I had was the lock, if you don´t put numbers in it, it follows you around till you do. Overall it was really nice, the graphics, music and story was awesome, although it didn´t scare me but instead it felt somewhat sad since, you know, the topic of your game. It was a very nice touch to add different dialogs for the characters, the joke was a hit on the head but really nice done. I hope I can play more of your creations! 


Great game you got here. It got me hooked from beginning to the end. Also im a sucker For these kinds of graphics.

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